Young Astronomer Awards Program


The Rose City Astronomers sponsors the Young Astronomer Awards Program to further the interest and participation of high school-age students in astronomy-related projects.

High school students in the Portland, Oregon metro area are eligible for financial awards ranging from $100 up to $250 for projects of varying scope and significance. This program encourages a wide range of student interests and talent while exploring astronomy topics in research, journalism, art, literature and community outreach. Read the full program description and requirements, then talk to your science, art, or literature teacher (or parent) about submitting a project proposal today!

Interested? Follow these 5 Steps to Earn a Young Astronomer Award!

Step 1: Read and share the full description of the Young Astronomer Awards Program with your teacher and parent. Take note of the specific program requirements, dates, and deadlines.

Step 2: When you have decided on a project and are ready to apply to the Young Astronomer Awards Program, go here to fill out and submit your project application.

Step 3: IMPORTANT! Wait for RCA approval BEFORE beginning your project.

Step 4: Once your project proposal is APPROVED, it is time to get busy and complete your project. Work with your teacher or mentor, and do your best work.

Step 5: Submit FINAL project to RCA by the deadline to receive your award!

Rose City Astronomers promotes a culture of diversity and inclusivity, whereby the interests, thoughts and ideas of all community members are valued, appreciated and respected — regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion or spiritual practices, disabilities, sexual orientation or gender identity.

For Educators: Download the YAAP Promotional Poster

Promotional Poster for the Young Astronomers Award Program

Promotional Poster for the Young Astronomers Award Program