2016 Outreach Volunteer Schedule for RCA Members

Below you will find a schedule for 2016 Outreach using our new “Outreach Volunteer Schedule Spreadsheet.” This schedule will be updated often throughout 2016, primarily between March and November. The purpose in providing this is so RCA members can see what Outreach events are on “on the horizon,” and where there are needs for volunteers.

  1. Any date coded is Green is sufficiently covered with scheduled volunteers and no more volunteers are needed.
  2. Any date coded in Yellow is where additional volunteers are needed. Until filled, all listings are yellow until they’re filled and then turn green — or if they remain unfilled and time is running out, then they are turned Red!
  3. Any date coded in Red is a problem — because that means we need some immediate volunteers for that event!
  4. To volunteer for an event, please send an email to our VP of Outreach. We will have an email exchange with you and put you on the schedule!
  5. If you have questions or want more info about an event, please send us an email.
  6. We will continue to periodically send out emails to his list of “Outreach Volunteers” (people who have volunteered in recent years). Emails to All-RCA will occur only when we don’t have volunteers. If you want to be on our “Outreach Volunteers” list, please let us know by email.
  7. There are four (4) different sections to the Outreach Spreadsheet:
    • Up-coming Outreach events, including RCA-only Outreach event and OMSI events supported by RCA. For each event, you can see the event’s date, its location, how many volunteers are needed, and so on.
    • Events which are in the process of being scheduled. They will later show up on the list of scheduled events. This is just an FYI about some of the events that are being worked on.
    • Status of Earlier events, including names of those who volunteered at each event. If you volunteered but your name isn’t showing, please let Jim know! The only way we know for sure if you went to an event is if you complete the Volunteer Time Report Form!
    • Schedule for Haggart Observatory.
  8. Most Outreach events begin at dusk and last two-three hours.
  9. We will see see how this approach works and see if this makes it easier for RCA members to know the status of Outreach events!
  10. Contacts you may need: